Following the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that hit Haiti on January 12, 2010, TouchGlobal swiftly responded and has continued to send crisis responders to serve in Haiti ever since. We have established a presence and plan on staying here for a long time, so we thought it wise to set up a blog that family, friends, supporters, and teams can check to find first-hand information about life and ministry at the Haitian Queen (the TouchGlobal Crisis Response headquarters in Gressier, Haiti).

This blog will be updated regularly by various team members and staff.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hard Work and Blessings

Reflections on the day from Dave, a volunteer from Charlotte, NC:

We had a very full day of work at two different sites. First was an orphanage where our team began construction of a school room for the kids. This orphanage housed approximately 85 children including about 10 infants. Their housing consisted of UNICEF tents and two larger tents for the kitchen and provisions. The facility is run by two Americans and a number of volunteer Americans in their twenties. The children seemed well fed; we ate with them a meal of "soy rice" and water.

We were struck by the complete devotion of the folks working to care for the children. Conditions were poor but everyone seemed to value their work. The orphanage used to have a building for the children but it was destroyed by the quake. The two running the facility were literally on the side of the road after the quake with all the kids. Volunteers from the Canadian Army helped get their tent city up and running after the director was able to locate a vacant piece of property.

This afternoon, we returned to Marechal where we continued to work on the community's only latrine. The members of the community have worked alongside of us, and they seem skilled in the basic skills of masonry. We are developing friendships with some of the workers and many of the children. I cannot tell you the number of times they have asked "When are you leaving, and when will you return?" I believe they long for lasting relationships with someone who will help them improve their lifestyles. The people are very polite and jovial and seem to have a good understanding of different languages, i.e., Creole, Spanish, French, and some English.

Building the latrine while Haitians watch from the shade tent.

We each have worked very hard but do not want to leave without finishing our two projects. Tomorrow will be a very full day, and we plan to start work at 7am and work 'til dark. The heat is brutal, and today it was 97 with high humidity. We are beat but being fed well at the compound where we all crash each evening at about 9pm. God has us here for a reason. We are doing a little good for our Haitian friends, but the images we are seeing and the people we are meeting are no doubt going to have lasting impacts upon all of us. Seeing Kevin, a former NFL player, play with the children is a hoot. Craig continues to capture a number of great pictures, and Bill and John are true work machines.

It is a true blessing to be here!

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  1. Praying for you all as you work. Thank you for being there, giving of your time and energy! You are making a lasting impact no matter how long you can stay! I am so thankful for you.