Following the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that hit Haiti on January 12, 2010, TouchGlobal swiftly responded and has continued to send crisis responders to serve in Haiti ever since. We have established a presence and plan on staying here for a long time, so we thought it wise to set up a blog that family, friends, supporters, and teams can check to find first-hand information about life and ministry at the Haitian Queen (the TouchGlobal Crisis Response headquarters in Gressier, Haiti).

This blog will be updated regularly by various team members and staff.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Haitian Life and Ministry

March 10, 2010
by Jeff Sloan

We got a taste of both life and more ministry today, the nursing team returned to Light Ministries and treated another 100+ patients with 2 doctors.  Carrie helped to categorize and organize all of the donated supplies that have poured in since the earthquake from around the globe. Medicines have come in containers in all shapes and sizes, with little organization and in every language imaginable. It was a total pharmaceutical Tower of Babel.  Now physicians and nurses know what is available, and where to find it.  Chris and the doctors continued to treat patients for conditions that they have only read about in textbooks like mumps, a variety of worms, fungi, and the same -itis’s and otis’s that Chris described yesterday.  Cassie spend the day screening patients and learning Creole from her new friends. Cori and Sara continue  to deliver all the treatments ordered anything from ear irrigation to draining wounds and praying for comfort and healing.
I “spent my day running around Port-au-Prince." We visited two pastors who are partners with TouchGlobal. Pastor Absolon Joseph and Pastor Heder, both of these men have developed holistic ministries to the neighborhoods that the live in and have a real heart for the Lord. What a blessing to be a part of those discussions! I also had a last minute meeting with a pastor from Jesus in Haiti Ministries right in the Missions Aviation Fellowship terminal. We basically drove right along the tarmac and up to the back of the terminal and behind the terminal. The rest of the day was spend going to two hardware stores looking for supplies for various projects. One called Eko Depot is a dead ringer for Home Depot, down to the uniforms and the font on the signs. The other called AB Hardware is a dead ringer for ACE Hardware. Both take an immense amount of time to buy anything from their very, very willing and helpful staff who are burdened by some process that is totally undecipherable.
Everyone is exhausted at the end of the day, when we gather around the table with a whole different kind of short term team than we’ve ever served with.  Many of the people in the house are career missionaries who are recently retired or are TouchGlobal staff.  Some here are moving from one extended assignment to another.  We are truly honored to be sent by our churches, friends and family to be serving and representing Christ in Haiti for such a time as this.
Thank you for your prayers and your support. We are so aware of being prayed for while we are here!


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  1. Thanks you so much for the updates. I am prepping to come on March 25th and wish it was sooner. I went on 5 trips to New Orleans with TouchGlobal and can't wait for the trip to Haiti. God's hand has been in all of the preparations and scheduling. It is awesome to be His servant. Our church helps sponsor Mark & Denise. We are starting our annual Mission's conference this weekend so I am gathering information for a display table. I will be using info from your observations. I will continue to pray for the interactions occuring and the chances to be the hands & feet. And I am especially looking forward to hearing Mark say "That's just the way we like it."