Following the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that hit Haiti on January 12, 2010, TouchGlobal swiftly responded and has continued to send crisis responders to serve in Haiti ever since. We have established a presence and plan on staying here for a long time, so we thought it wise to set up a blog that family, friends, supporters, and teams can check to find first-hand information about life and ministry at the Haitian Queen (the TouchGlobal Crisis Response headquarters in Gressier, Haiti).

This blog will be updated regularly by various team members and staff.

Earthquake Crumbles Haiti

Join us in reaching out to the people in need in Haiti. Click on the links below to learn how.

* Haiti: Read recent stories and updates about EFCA TouchGlobal Crisis Response’s Haiti relief.
* Give Supplies: Learn about what and how you can give to the needs in Haiti.
* Serve: Learn about how you and your church can tangibly serve the people in Haiti. Medical and construction teams are needed.
* Pray: Join us in praying for specific needs and opportunities.
* Resources: Find various resources for you and your church regarding Haiti relief.

EFCA response

Thank you for praying for the situation in Haiti. We are very grateful for God’s protection and leading.

A new normal is settling over the earthquake affected region in and around Port-au-Prince. Food is being distributed. In outlying areas, where we are primarily working, food is still a critical need. Shelter is an urgent need for many as the rainy season, followed by the hurricane season, is fast approaching.

EFCA TouchGlobal Crisis Response efforts focus in four primary areas:
1. Meeting immediate needs

Networking with the United Nations, USAID, non-government organizations (NGOs), along with using Crisis Response resources for effective delivery of food and shelter into the hands of local ministry partners.
2. Developing partnerships

* Identifying and networking with current and potential ministry partners, both in the US and Haiti. (Vision of Hope Ministries, a pastor in Cap Haitian, Reaching Haiti 4 Christ, and Jesus in Haiti Ministries).
* Meeting with local pastors and ministry leaders to identify strategic partners for the delivery of immediate relief; but also intentional, sustainable, disciple-making and church multiplying ministry that goes with long-term recovery.
* Exploring US partners to help mobilize needed resources and volunteers.

3. Recovery and development

Healthy recovery efforts include discussions and strategies leading to empowerment and development. Early discussions with partners about potential long-term recovery and development ideas including:

* rebuilding housing.
* rebuilding and adding capacity to existing ministries to meet ministry demands and opportunities.
* community health evangelism.
* orphan care.
* sustainable food (agricultural development/education; possibly feed mills, chicken houses, fishponds).
* education for children and work force training.
* medical clinic.
* micro-enterprise.

4. Ongoing logistics

EFCA TouchGlobal Crisis Response is establishing a solid logistical foundation for an effective short and long-term response:

* securing facilities near Gressier, and eventually north of Port-au-Prince, to house staff and volunteer teams.
* seeking vehicle and equipment donations.
* setting up communications and other basic facility needs.
* recruiting long-term staff willing to serve for 3-12 months.
* coordinating with national partners arrangements for housing and managing volunteer teams.

Teams are needed to help in Haiti now. Read current information about volunteering or sending teams.

Donate to the work and ministry of EFCA Crisis Response in Haiti

Give online now , or mail your donation to:

Earthquake Relief #21709-3970
901 East 78th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55420-1300

Please make your check out to "EFCA" indicating "#21709-3970" in the memo line.
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