Following the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that hit Haiti on January 12, 2010, TouchGlobal swiftly responded and has continued to send crisis responders to serve in Haiti ever since. We have established a presence and plan on staying here for a long time, so we thought it wise to set up a blog that family, friends, supporters, and teams can check to find first-hand information about life and ministry at the Haitian Queen (the TouchGlobal Crisis Response headquarters in Gressier, Haiti).

This blog will be updated regularly by various team members and staff.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Pastor Resner's New Home

*Please keep Kevin Watterson in your prayers...he is in the hospital for a ruptured appendix.

We got the news we would be building a home for a pastor in Leogane and were all very excited. Pastor Resner's new home is on a beautiful peace of land with mountains behind it. The church, where he pastors is down the road from his house. He is excited about living in the community where his church is. He is getting married on the 26th of June and cannot wait start a family with his new wife, in his new home.

Pastor Resner standing on the foundation of his home.

When we arrived in the morning, all that was here was the foundation.

At lunch, the men were very inventive with shade. It was about 110 degrees that day.

At lunch, we had a crowd of kids surrounding us. They were singing to us and counting for us in English. They were so sweet.

Some of the wood was so thick, it took this awesome stance to be able to nail it through.

This is a Haitan's feet. He was there helping us. I love his feet because they are the kind that tell a million stories and have traveled many different places.

Pastor Resner brought us sugar cane because he was so grateful. He showed us how to eat it. He taste like a sweet stick.

After the first day, we had all the walls up and a huge crowd helping us.


  1. Keep 'em coming, Lorey. We're anxious to hear how things are going back there in Haiti.

    Thanks for the update on the parsonage. And especially for posting more pictures. They help a lot.

    Good work covering the parsonage progress. Hope you are all doing well - staying healthy and whole. We are praying for you all in Ames.

    - Todd

  2. That is an awesome stance.

    Keep up the good work!