Following the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that hit Haiti on January 12, 2010, TouchGlobal swiftly responded and has continued to send crisis responders to serve in Haiti ever since. We have established a presence and plan on staying here for a long time, so we thought it wise to set up a blog that family, friends, supporters, and teams can check to find first-hand information about life and ministry at the Haitian Queen (the TouchGlobal Crisis Response headquarters in Gressier, Haiti).

This blog will be updated regularly by various team members and staff.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Directions to Rosita's Village

Just for future reference for anyone who would like to visit the church that Rosita (our cook)'s husband pastors, here are the directions:

-head West towards Leogane and take a left on a dirt path immediately after the traffic jam at the speed bumps
-eventually the road will get washed out and become impassable; veer to the right and proceed through several farmer's fields until you can spot the path again
-some potholes have turned into small lakes, make sure truck is in 4 wheel drive and proceed through the lakes
-after several more km, the road will end abruptly at a 30ft wide river. drive through the river; be sure to keep enough momentum to climb the opposite bank and continue
-again, the road will end at the river; this time, turn right and drive directly up the river bed against the flow of water. you will bottom out several times. don't stop or you won't start again
-eventually a path will appear again but will end again abruptly, this time at the edge of a cliff overlooking a flood plain
-look to your left, there will be a path about the right size for a motorcycle or a bicycle; take it
-if you hug the left side of the truck as tight as you can to the treeline, enough of the right-side tires will stay on the cliff edge to keep the truck from careening over the edge
-as a final challenge, part of the cliff has sunk and will tilt the truck at a 30 degree angle over the cliff. enjoy the view
-after a couple more stream crossings and road washouts, you will arrive at the church

Keep in mind, I accomplished this task with only 8 Brazilians, 7 Haitians, 3 Americans (18 people) and several containers of food and water in a 5 seat truck; additional research will be required to find the absolute capacity limit. Pursue at your own risk.


  1. How did the soccer playing go with the kids? So glad you made it there and back to blog about it!

    Please pass along to Rosita that I not only made her Rice and Beans for my family who loved it, but also shared it with 30 6th grade students as I shared for an hour and a half about Haiti. They all loved it and wanted more!

  2. Thanks for the directions Wes! I was concerned I would not find the church again this summer when I am back!
    Hope all is fine. How did the well drilling go?
    Say Hi to Rick for me and Thelma when she gets back. Blessings, Susan